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The vast majority of carpets will lend themselves to a deep clean with our British-built ‘Phoenix 450’ Truck Mount Hot Water Extraction System that cleans thoroughly whilst leaving the carpet almost dry. Up to 200 times more powerful than a portable extraction machine this ensures a clean, fresh and healthy carpet every time.

This machine is built by HydraMaster UK - the worlds leading carpet cleaning machine manufacturer and supplier. It has an in-built collection tank to store and carry fresh and waste water, and its own power supply - so no need to use your water or electricity.  Only the vacuum hose and cleaning apparatus are brought into your home or premises.  And because it extracts water more efficiently than a portable, drying times are considerably shorter which means an altogether less problematic and safer clean.

The next most used method that we employ is the bonnet system which is more for commercial grade and short pile carpets that don’t lend themselves so well to hot water extraction. Bonnet cleaning is extremely effective for more frequent maintenance cleans where hot water extraction is deemed unsuitable.

We also have low moisture systems and can use dry compound cleaning on carpets that don’t lend themselves to a wet clean such as sisal or seagrass and jute etc. every carpet is different but we have the best and safest method for each.


We use only environmentally-friendly and therefore non-toxic products.  They are kind to all carpet types, including wool and wool blends, nylon and other plastic based fibres.  Our cleaning methods ensure that your carpets are left totally clean, soft and fresh and free of residues. Your carpets will provide a totally safe environment for children and pets to play. 

For those carpets that would benefit from it, we can also offer stain protection to protect against spills, making your carpet stain and soil-resistant, antistatic and easier to clean. But this really does depend on the carpet - there is little point protecting a carpet that is nearing its natural end.

Methods - how we deep clean carpets

Step 1. Firstly we inspect the carpet to determine what type of fibres were used and how it was manufactured and the nature and level of soiling. This will establish the most appropriate combination of chemicals and safest cleaning method to use. It will also flag up any potential issues that might occur with the carpet as it is cleaned.  We will discuss our findings and the options to clean your carpet with you.

Step 2. Before starting the deep clean we vacuum all carpets thoroughly using our high powered vacuum cleaner. It is crucial to remove as much dust as possible prior to the extraction clean as failure to do this can lead to premature re-soiling.

Step 3. Any spots or stains which will not come out during the normal cleaning process such as red wine, tar, shoe polish, candle wax, paint, juice, cola or rust are identified and pretreated. We have a wide range of tools at our disposal to tackle any stain.

Step 4. We then pre-spray the whole area with whichever treatment is most suitable for your job and work this into the fibres, so it can get to work attracting all the dirt from your carpet. The chemicals do all the work getting the dirt safely from the fibre and into a soluble state ready for extraction.

Step 5. Now we begin to gently agitate the carpet to ensure the treatment reaches through the carpet properly and has time to attract all the dirt into solution.

Step 6. Then we extract the dirt and mites using our Truck Mount Phoenix 450 Hot Water Extractor. Hot water with cleaning solution is sprayed into the carpet by the machine where it rinses the pre-spray solution and dirt from the fibres and vacuums it out and back safely to the waste tank in the van. The cleaning solution is primarily a rinsing agent and PH balance neutraliser that will leave your carpet sanitised, clean, fresh and near dry.

Step 7. The carpet is then raked or brushed to set the pile upright, bringing your carpet back to life looking richer and deeper as well as cleaned.

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