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Restore the beauty of your leatherMore than half of all furnishings sold in the UK today are made from leather. Usually the guy that sells the leather will know very little about it or the best way of caring for it, and will say something like just give it a wipe over when it gets dirty or give it a good scrub with some wipes. Whilst this may seem like sense it is very easy to damage leather wares by cleaning wrongly. We are able to prescribe the safest clean depending on which leather type you have. Some are painted, some are absorbent, some are sealed or waxed / oiled and others are left plain as analine. All of these leathers merit a different approach to care. In addition to cleaning and protecting we are also able to repair and restore suites, bags, car seats and coats. If your leather is damaged in some way talk to us we will be able to help.

Whilst restoring leather to it’s best we can repair:

cat scratches
scuff marks
ink or nail varnish
recolour faded areas
holes and cuts
spots and stains
Wear, cracks and peeling

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